L.F.A. is the abbreviation of "Longueur de Fil Absorbé", a French technical term used in the knitting industry, meaning "Length of Thread Used" in a knitted piece.

We are a small artisanal studio based in New York City, offering a micro collection of knitted goods. All our prototypes are developed in house, and we work with a family-run workshop in New Jersey to produce our goods. Every single piece passes through our hands to verify that its quality is perfect before it is shipped. Our items are exclusive in a sense that we only produce a limited number of pieces per season. We believe that the beauty of a well-designed object lies in how it looks and how it is made, and we go out of our way to achieve just that!

Over the years we have reached a select and strongly convinced group of satisfied customers. We welcome wholesale accounts (click here to request info) and invite you to visit our on-line shop for immediately available items, which is updated on a regular basis.

Any questions or suggestions you have, just send us a note.